Auditorium Chairs

The Teatro Series 

The Teatro’s elegant, clean design is adaptable to most interiors. Custom back shapes, armrests and end panel designs can transform the Teatro, enabling it to complement any space or project type. Shown above are some of the designs produced for a variety of projects. TSI’s staff includes experienced product designers capable of creating products and components which may be required to address unique project specifications. Our manufacturing infrastructure is flexible, which allows for the economical and efficient production of custom products.

A thin common frame allows for greater size and increased comfort. A slim chair profile permits the architect to increase capacity without sacrificing comfort or proper egress space. The Teatro is available with fully-upholstered seats and backs or with an optional veneer back panel. Removable fabric covers are standard for easier maintenance. The Teatro offers functional and subtle elegance with simple but pleasing lines. A thin common frame allows for greater size and increased comfort. A slim chair profile permits the architect to increase capacity without sacrificing comfort or proper egress space. It is available in Floor Mount, Wall Mount, Air Diffusor Mount, and even Adjustable Air Diffusor Mount version. 

  • Gravity seat mechanism insures that the seat will always quietly return to a consistent vertical position.
  • Hardwood armrests are available in a variety of species and finishes.
  • Durable powder-coat finish is standard on all steel components.
  • Flush mounted floor attachment hardware is standard.
  • Removable, zippered seat and back covers are standard and allow for easier on-site replacement.
  • The unique slim profile of only 15” (without tablet arm) allows greater chair capacity.
  • Standard spacing is 19″, 20″, 21″, and 22″ c.c. of frames (19″ not available with tablet arm).
  • 3 Warranty is the standard warranty against manufacturing defects and 17 Years Warranty Extention Can be purchased on paid bases.

Teatro Product Advantages

Gravity Tip-Up Seat The Teatro seat tip-up action is attained by the use of a gravity counterweight mechanism. The advantages of a gravity mechanism over a spring or cylinder mechanism are as follows:

Consistent and automatic return to the upright position. Spring mechanisms can have inconsistent tip-up action due to the variation of the strength or fatigue of the steel springs. This affects the aesthetics of the room and may affect compliance with egress codes since the seats may not return to a consistent upright position.

Silent action. Spring mechanisms are likely to develop squeaks and normally produce several loud hits before coming to a stop.

Seat tip-up will never fail. Because the Teatro mechanism relies on gravity, it will never fail to return the seat to its upright position. In contrast, as a spring mechanism fatigues, the seat tip-up action will get slower. Eventually, the spring mechanism may fail to return the seat to the upright position, producing a possible violation of egress codes.

Seat Construction The Teatro seat construction is patterned after office chairs for long-term comfort and durability. Flexible polyurethane foam is glued directly to the structure of the seat. The advantages of this type of construction are as follows:

Silence, durability, comfort. Seats constructed with serpentine springs often fatigue, sag and fail. This creates an uncomfortable and noisy seat, which may require replacement. TSI’s flexible polyurethane foam construction offers significant user comfort over long seating periods. Additionally, the absence of steel springs insures completely silent compression during use.

Upholstered options. Unlike metal seat pans with serpentine springs, Teatro’s all-wood construction allows for custom upholstery detailing. The fully-upholstered seat has a zippered slip-on fabric cover for easier on-site replacement.

TSI Chair Frames The Teatro frames are welded assemblies of heavy gauge and solid steel components. The advantages of this type of construction are listed below:

Flexibility. The Teatro’s welded steel assembly allows for simple and cost efficient design modifications for conformance to unique building conditions. Unlike high volume castings, welded construction facilitates small production run modifications.

Cost of Ownership Due to the obvious product advantages of Teatro seating as mentioned above, and the superior service and warranty levels offered by TSI, purchasing Teatro seating is a better long-term value. The initial savings associated with the purchase of a less expensive chair is likely to be lost through ongoing maintenance and replacement during the lifetime of the product.

The Teatro Series 

Teatro provides elegant detailing, exceptional comfort, and unmatched durability. The availability of fully-upholstered seat and back cushions or outer wood veneer panels makes this an extremely versatile chair. The Teatro is one of the few chairs available with optional power/data ready frames or air diffuser pedestal frames designed to distribute heating and air conditioning. The following models are available:

Teatro A1 Equipped with inner upholstered seat and back cushions, as well as outer wood veneer panels (with finished plywood edges) for acoustical quality and refined appearance. Customized detailing on the backrest upholstery of the outer wood panels is optional.

Teatro C1 Combines the beauty of a wood veneer outer back panel with the economy and warmth of a fully- upholstered seat. The seat is equipped with a slip-on zippered fabric cover.

Teatro C3 Features fully-upholstered seat and back cushions for an elegant and warm appearance. Fabric slip-on covers are equipped with a zipper for easier on-site replacement.

Teatro Options

The Teatro chair is available with many options. Choose the options that are appropriate for the project.

End Panels Stained to match the armrests, veneer end panels can enhance the visual appeal of the room. Due to the simplicity of the Teatro leg design, customized end panel profiles and options are easily accommodated.
Aisle Lights Low-voltage (24v) aisle lights discreetly illuminate dark aisles and steps, enhancing safety and visual appeal. Aisle lights can be concealed in the underside of the arm cap, or installed in the end panel. Wiring is routed through the frame to provide a clean installation.
Seat & Row Identification and Donor Tags Seat & row identification plates and donor tags are available in a variety of shapes and finishes. Identification plates are recessed into the wood seat and armrest to achieve a flush, clean appearance, and in order to resist tampering.
Tablet Arms The tablet arm folds between the seat and armrest and provides a work area for the occupant. Tablet arms are available as either left or right-handed.
Power/Data Popular with corporate training and educational facilities, the power/data ready frames allow for distribution of networked communications and 120 volt power directly to each chair, allowing laptops to be connected to the building’s internal computer and power distribution networks.
California Technical Bulletin 133 Fire Code Compliance (when required by local codes)
Removable Chairs Available as one, two, or three chairs, these units include a steel sled-base and can conform to the row radii so as to provide harmony with the design of the room, while maintaining the utmost in flexibility. Removable chairs are available with a standard base that allows them to be bolted to the floor quickly and easily, or an extended base that allows them to be completely freestanding without the need for physical attachment to the floor.
Air Diffuser Pedestal One of the few chairs available with an air diffuser pedestal frame, this innovative feature provides efficient distribution of heating and cooling by allowing air flow through the pedestal base.
Riser Mount Frames As an option to the traditional floor mounting of chair frames, riser mount frames are available. This gives architects and designers another mounting option, which allows for easier cleaning of the floors.
Transfer Arms Designed to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act, these unique frames allow easy and clear access to the seat. Installations without an end panel feature a hinged lift-up armrest while installations with end panels feature removable end panels.
Oversize Chair Widths Chair widths of 23” and 24” c.c. are available to provide occupants with a higher level of comfort and to satisfy layout requirements.
Bookracks Available to meet the specific requirements for book storage, TSI provides project-specific solutions.

Teatro Installation Instructions

(Note: See Exploded Assembly [Figure 5] and Floor Mounting Details [Figure 6] on the following pages. )
1. Use an approved floor plan to establish hole locations for the footplates. Note that the chair radius line coincides with the front hole of the footplate. Accurate center-to-center width spacing is critical to a proper installation. Tolerance on the chair width dimension is plus or minus 1/8". It is critical not to exceed this tolerance on width spacing.
2. When mounting chairs over the carpet, punch two 5/8" diameter holes in carpet to match holes in the chair base plate. Bolt leg frames to the floor as per the appropriate anchoring method. Use 1/4" flat head machine bolt or wood screws and countersink lock washers. Hand-tighten bolts to allow for some slight movement in the leg frame. (See Figure 4.)
3. Attach back as follows: From the front, slip bottom two attachment bolt heads into round end slots (A) in leg frame bracket (D). Adjust bolt heads to ensure a snug fit to the inside of leg frame bracket (See Detail ‘A’). Rotate top of back rearward so that the top two attachment brackets (E) align with threaded holes at the top of leg frames (B). Install 1/4-20 x 5/8” SEMS machine screws through round end slots in brackets of adjacent backs. (See Detail ‘B’) Use one bracket only on end leg.
4. Orient the seat to the approximate occupied position and lower onto seat hinges (C). Install four 1/4-20 x 5/8” SEMS machine screws through slots in seat brackets and fasten to hinges. Insure seat is centered between legs prior to final tightening.
5. Flip seat up and down several times to insure that it pivots and returns to upright position freely. Adjustments can be made to the attachment bolts in either the seats or the backs.
6. Attach armrest by placing the routed area on the underside of the armrest over the formed gusset (B) at the top of leg frame. Secure using one 10-24 x 1" machine screw at the front and one 10-24 x 2-1/2" machine screw at the rear.
7. Tighten all floor attachments securely.

Maintenance Instructions

The Teatro chairs are designed and built for years of reliable service. The durability and beauty of the chair will, however, be greatly enhanced with proper care and inspection, as described below. Each project will be provided with an Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Manual which will describe in detail the maintenance measures to be taken by onsite personnel. For more information on the care of the veneer and fabric components of your product, please refer to the Finishes section of the Theatre Solutions binder.
Preventative Maintenance
Inspection and Cleaning
In the first year after the original installation, it is recommended that the chairs be inspected quarterly to insure that all chairs remain secure to the floor, and that the seats and backs remain tight to the leg frames. After the first year, this inspection interval can become longer, but should never exceed 6 months.
There are no components in the Teatro chair which require lubrication. Seat pivot hinges include a nylon bushing to insure silent and consistent performance.
Periodic Readjustment
Besides inspecting for loose screw attachments, there should not be any routine need for readjustment. If, however, a loose connection is discovered, please refer to the appropriate drawing and instructions for installing the subject component. These drawings and instructions can be found in the O&M Manual.
Corrective Maintenance
The Teatro chair has been designed and tested to achieve optimum performance and durability. In general, onsite maintenance personnel can provide the appropriate service to correct problems if they have the necessary spare parts and installation instructions.
In the event that a problem with the performance or finish of the chair occurs, it is often possible for immediate on-site remedies. TSI recommends that any loose component should be inspected for any visible evidence of breakage. If evidence is found, the part should be immediately replaced. If there is no evidence of breakage, the attachment hardware should be checked to insure tightness.
Obtaining Replacement Parts
A complete list of spare parts provided with the original installation is included in the O&M Manual. If any additional parts are required, simply contact Theatre Solutions and refer to the appropriate part number or the description listed in a drawing depicting the component.
Service Calls
For service work which cannot be executed by building user, contact Theatre Solutions and we will assist in arranging for a visit by qualified technicians.
Shipping Back to TSI
Prior to returning any component part(s) to Theatre Solutions, please contact us by phone or fax for instructions on packaging and shipment method.